Altered Axiom – Insulation Kit

Today's post is about a hometown act—Altered Axiom. Jacob Taswell, the human behind the music, is from Bethesda, MD and just graduated from Yale. You can find his Bandcamp here and stream his music on various platforms. Jacob Taswell wanted to make a statement with Insulation Kit. Self-released last month under the moniker Altered Axiom, the … Continue reading Altered Axiom – Insulation Kit


untitled unedited

It's hard to find real life people to talk music. Especially if you're someone like me who doesn't talk to many people, period. Even the music writing world seems to existing mostly within the confines of Twitter (bringing me EXTREMELY niche and good jokes like this). How many people in the universe would you guess know … Continue reading untitled unedited

The Complexity of Cymbals Eat Guitars

I want to talk about Cymbals Eat Guitars. Cymbals Eat Guitars is the perfect band to me. And it saddens me that they’re severely under-appreciated, especially because their music doesn’t strike me as divisive in any obvious ways. CEG songs are dense but simultaneously inviting: whether it’s the driving drums that get your head banging … Continue reading The Complexity of Cymbals Eat Guitars