2017: 25% Highlights

@ blog world, sorry for the neglect. I'm still here. I'm still listening to lots of new music and, more importantly, tweeting about it to ensure I have receipts when I later claim "knew them before they were big." I wrote a few things over at local music blog Capitol Sound (here and here). And I was … Continue reading 2017: 25% Highlights


Realizations 2016

Well, it's been another year. You already know what happened to the world in 2016, so I'll skip the details. Besides, this is about ME, right? I guess it was a significant year for me. I graduated college, moved back home, got a desk job. I continued to live and breathe all things music. I … Continue reading Realizations 2016

The Complexity of Cymbals Eat Guitars

I want to talk about Cymbals Eat Guitars. Cymbals Eat Guitars is the perfect band to me. And it saddens me that they’re severely under-appreciated, especially because their music doesn’t strike me as divisive in any obvious ways. CEG songs are dense but simultaneously inviting: whether it’s the driving drums that get your head banging … Continue reading The Complexity of Cymbals Eat Guitars