When Do You Stop?

It’s difficult to boycott an artist when the rest of the world isn’t joining you. I know because I tried to quit the Migos last year after their upsetting Rolling Stone interview, which contains homophobic quotes and ominously details an incident that resulted in a woman’s bloodied face. It was cause enough for me to … Continue reading When Do You Stop?


Collective Headache 2017

These year-end pieces are getting boring. I'll skip the elaborate metaphor that describes the 2017 political climate (toilet bowl, kick in the crotch, etc. etc.). Musically, pop became increasingly homogenous and boring thanks to algorithms and streaming's popularity. Rap and R&B's superstars took the year off after a busy 2016, save for Mr. Kendrick. Sadly, … Continue reading Collective Headache 2017

You Wear That Black Dress Well

My knowledge of Omaha is limited to that one Rilo Kiley lyric where Jenny Lewis says she's going to move there and exploit the booming music scene. Well, if See Through Dresses is any indication, there's something special in that Missouri River water. Another excellent entry in the Tiny Engines catalog, the band's second full-length, Horse … Continue reading You Wear That Black Dress Well

Altered Axiom – Insulation Kit

Today's post is about a hometown act—Altered Axiom. Jacob Taswell, the human behind the music, is from Bethesda, MD and just graduated from Yale. You can find his Bandcamp here and stream his music on various platforms. Jacob Taswell wanted to make a statement with Insulation Kit. Self-released last month under the moniker Altered Axiom, the … Continue reading Altered Axiom – Insulation Kit