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It’s hard to find real life people to talk music. Especially if you’re someone like me who doesn’t talk to many people, period. Even the music writing world seems to existing mostly within the confines of Twitter (bringing me EXTREMELY niche and good jokes like this). How many people in the universe would you guess know what the word “shoegaze” means?

This is all to say that I have thoughts (sorry bout it). Hopefully more posts forthcoming.


It’s officially Alex G release week, which is cause for much (internal) celebration over here. Though it’s been a low-key press cycle, my personal fandom has me feeling protective as his profile gradually rises. Okay, I know that Alex isn’t at danger of selling out or anything; that is exceedingly clear from the eccentric grab bag of singles released for Rocket. It’s that snooty feeling of “I was here first” that I try to push away in favor of not being a total d-bag.

It’s getting annoyed when publications insist on calling him a “Frank Ocean collaborator” or relentlessly push the Elliott Smith comparison, as if his past work hasn’t distinguished him as a unique artist. Or when a typo-filled Noisey piece says that “Harvey” is on Trick instead of DSU (no, I’m not a hero, but yes, I did tweet at them to correct this error). It’s knowing that new fans in 2017 probably haven’t heard the Bandcamp-only “Gnaw,” which is maybe a top 5 song of his.

I wasn’t an Alex G pioneer by any means. I wasn’t hip on DSU‘s drop in 2014. But he’s heavily soundtracked the last two years of my life and it’s weird to see extra media attention that misses the mark. Talking about the details of Alex G’s music is futile to me. It’s successful because of the gut feeling it gives you, the instant comfort. That’s my cop-out answer. I can’t explain it but I know it’s painful to read paragraphs and paragraphs analyzing the lyrics. Especially when Alex said, “The reason you enjoy [music] is because of its unlimited potential, the inability to really understand it.”

Of course I want my favorite artists to gain fans and have financial success. But there’s always an uneasy feeling when something important to you is evolving. There’s something to be said for *being there* that will always feel special, you know?

Oh, but DEFINITELY don’t trust anyone who puts the “(Sandy)” in front of his name.

(Sorry if this was pretentious. These are my confessions.)


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