Me and Music: 2016

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Hello to my fans (read: just me). I’m hoping to keep writing about music throughout the year so that I can attempt to give back and provide original content to the world that means so much to me. And also, writing is (maybe) more mentally stimulating than re-watching every It’s Always Sunny episode for the fourth time.

I think I listened to too much different music last year and I didn’t get to appreciate my favorite albums as much as I could have. Unfortunately, music isn’t my job (yet) and I only have so much time every day to plug in my headphones. In 2016, I want to more fully immerse myself in the music I listen to and really dig into the discography of my favorite artists. I also have an ongoing goal of forming my own opinions about an album rather than letting a Pitchfork score or a Reddit user provide my first impression before I even hit ‘Play’.

I still don’t know what form this blog is going to take and it may be fluid. I hope to write about MY experiences with music and how it affects me rather than its broader context in the world. But I will undoubtedly touch upon both subjects. I want to write about my favorite albums throughout the year but I also think it will be interesting to write about albums that are disappointing. And I’ll keep finding dope pictures to make these posts interesting. Lastly, I am by no means an experienced writer or a talented writer so my apologies in advance. Oh and SWISH in stores February 11.

Me and Music: 2016